Petrus Josephus Hubertus Cuypers (1827-1921) Architect

Petru Cuypers was a Dutch architect. He was one of the most important representatives of the neo-Gothic architecture in the Netherlands. He built many churches, especially in the south of the Netherlands. In most of these churches it's visible how the Gothic style is very clearly emphasized. In the area of housing, he was especially active in Amsterdam, in particular in the Vondelstraat. He restored many of Romanesque and Gothic churches in the Netherlands and the German Cathedral in Mainz. For the Cathedral in Mainz he matched his thoughts and beliefs with those of Viollet-le-Duc.

His son Joseph Theodorus Johannes Cuypers stepped in his footsteps as a construction engineer. Also Eduard Cuypers steps in the footsteps of his uncle Petrus Cuypers.

Main realistaties
St. Catherine Church in Eindhoven (1859)
St. Lambertus Church in Veghel (1862)
St. Barbara Church in Breda (1866)
St. Willibrord Church (1866)
Church of the Sacred Heart in Amsterdam (1870)
Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam (1876-1885), many works of the famous painter Vincent Van Gogh are exhibited in this museaum.
Central Station in Amsterdam (1881-1889)
Castle Haarzuylen (1890) together with Adolf Leonard van Gendt

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