Joseph Theodorus Johannes Cuypers (1861-1949) Building Engineer

Joseph Cuypers was a Dutch building engineer and son of Petrus Josephus Hubertus Cuypers. In addition to his job as a construction engineer, he was also the first president of the original B.N.A. and builder of many Roman catholic churches. He is also known for his achievements of many villas and hospitals.

Main achievements
St. Bavo Cathedral in Haarlem (1895-1898 choir and presbytery, 1902-1906 transept and nave, 1927-1930 vestibule and towers).
Amsterdam Stock Exchange.
Holy Rosary Church in Amsterdam, along with Jan Stuyt.
Restoration of city houses including those of Franeker, Oldenzaal, Arnhem, Gouda and Dordrecht.

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