Dipl. Ing. Prof. W. Büning

W. Büning worked at the Institut für Tageslicht Technology in Berlin-Grunewald. Büning put together with Prof. Dr. Ing. W. Arndt (dir. Photometric department of the German Philips GmbH) a methodology to determine the desirable window openings in living areas with a view to the entry of daylight.

In 1953, Büning published the results of an examination for a new series in the field of natural light in living quarters. As he described in his "Fortschritte Forschungen und im Bauwesen, Series D Heft 10' a new method to determine the size of window openings.

His colleague Arndt also published a method to determine window openings taking into account the incoming natural light (daylight calculations). This reference book was published in 'Lichttechnik July 1951'.

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