Richard Joseph Neutra (1892-1970) Architect

Richard Neutra was an Austrian architect. He was from 1921 associated with Erich Mendelsohn and won with him in 1922 the first prize for building a business center in Jaffa (Palestine). In 1923 he went to America where he represented the new building. He held many senior positions such as the National Committee for the consideration of the school building. In his later years he became a respected man field of education. He also campaigned for better housing.

Main achievements
Business center in Jaffa (Palestine), along with Erich Mendelsohn (1922).
Channel Heights complex of folk housing for 600 families, schools, kindergartens and community center in San Pedro (Los Angeles) (1943).
Health center in Los Angeles.
Building of the Northwestern Mutual Fire Association in Los Angeles.
Crow Island Elementary School in Winetka (1940).
Kindergarten in Los Angeles.
Hospitals in Puerto Rico.

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