P.V.J. Klint (1853-1930) Architect and Building engineer

P.V.J. Klint was a Danish building engineer and architect. He was an outstanding mathematician and a nature lover. He was full of admiration for the geometric construction of natural things, such as one cochlea. He found an organic development of the architecture of the utmost importance. All of his buildings are derived from the old Danish architecture.

Main achievements
Grundtvig Memorial Church: This was also his last work. It has a threefold speed above the entrance, with outposts match located behind ships. It is formed with mathematical consequence. Both outside and inside you find the same yellow brick. What you would not expect is that the interior is not totally about mechanically, this by the variety of the incidence of daylight. In the tower is a spiral staircase in brick masonry, it is constructed as beautiful as the cochlea that he studied in his youth.

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