Johannes Antonius van der Laan (1896-1966) Architect and building engineer.

Johannes van der Laan was a Dutch architect and building engineer.

Main achievements
The Roman Catholic Church "The Good Shepherd" in Wassenaar (1931).
Building C. and A. Brenninkmeyer in Utrecht (1938).
City Hall in Eindhoven, this design Johannes van der Laan was awarded following a competition in 1938.
Elderly House St. Joseph in Beverwijk
St. Catharina Hospital in Eindhoven
Our Lady of Good Counsel Church in The Hague (1954)
Mary Foundation in Haarlem
RK Industrial and Domestic Science Mons Aurea in Haarlem (1951-1960)
St. Stanislas Chapel in Delft (1955-1956)
Great Ziekengasthuis' s-Hertogenbosch
St. Joseph Church in Leiden (925)
Leonard's Church in Leiden (1925)
Vroom & Dreesmann Leiden (1936)
Urban plan for the Nijmegen University
Radboud Hospital in Nijmegen
C & A buildings in Amsterdam, Breda, Dordrecht, Gouda, Haarlem, Hoogeveen, Oosterhout, Roermond and Rotterdam.

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