J. William H. Leliman (1879-1921) Architect

William Leliman was a Dutch architect. He built a number of houses and was editor of the Construction World and author of several books about houses and homes in the Netherlands. He also reworked Gugel's History of architectural styles. From 1919 he was a member of the National Commission for the Conservation.

Main achievements
Domestic science in Amsterdam (1907-1909)
Villa de Breay in Laren (1908)
Bussum Villa Dennenhoeve in Bussum (1909)
Villa Dennenrode in Hilversum (1910)
Diepenbrock villa in Laren (1910)
Villa Broad Avenue 11 in Bussum (1911)
North South Holland Coffee Shop in Amsterdam (1911)
Israelite Kinderhospitium Zandvoort (1912)
Villa 't South End in Hilversum (1912)
Villa Loenen Martinet Houses (1912)
Social housing in Vogelbuurt - Meeuwenlaan - Hawk Hitting - Leeuwerikstraat located in Amsterdam (1913-1914)
Social housing in Vogelbuurt - Meeuwenlaan - Koekoeksplein - Fazantenweg - Wielewaalstraat located in Amsterdam (1913-1914)
Villa Small Elswoud in Houses (1914)
Villa 't Loover in Houses (1918)
Villa de Zonnetop in Blaricum (1920)
Women's vocational school in Zutphen (1920)
Two villas in Ulft (1920)
Main Maurits mine in Geleen (1922-1924)

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