Huib Hoste (1881-1957) Architect

Huib Hoste was a French architect. He was born in Bruges and later studied in Ghent. He was educated in the Neo-Gothieke direction, which he mostly took the rational pursuit. His pre-war works are somewhat romantic tinted here we see a clear influence of Berlage. During World War I he worked in the Netherlands and he was influenced by building more businesslike. This can be seen clearly in the monumental memorial for the Belgium interned at Amersfoort. After the war, he encouraged the modern business direction and he defended his theses in various expenses.

Main achievements
Shop with house in Roeselare (1906).
Town house in Bruges (1907).
Tollbooth at the Jan van Eyck Square in Bruges.
Country house in Assebroek in Bruges (1912).
Monumental memorial for Belgium interned at Amersfoort (1916).
Shop for hardware (Vancanneyt) in Wervik (1920).
Pharmacy drugstore, now a restaurant in Wervik.
Our Lady's Church of Zonnebeke, along with Jules Fonteyne (1921-1924).
Housing complexes in Zelzate (1923).
Housing complexes in Kappelleveld on Lambert (1923).
North Sea Hotel and the house 'De Beir' in Knokke (1925).
Homes in Zele (1931).
Houses in Brussels (1933).
Urban design for Antwerp Left, along with Le Corbusier, unfortunately, this design has not been implemented.

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