Edwin Lutyens (1869-1944) Architect

Edwin Lutyens was an English architect. His work stood out from the artistic application of the classical style. He started as an architect of residence, but later on he built town houses and in the period between the first and tweed world war many bank buildings. Along with Gertrude Jekell he did the landscaping revive. After the first world war, he was responsible for the design of a number of war memorials.

Main achievements
Crooksbury Heathcote (1890).
Ilkley in Yorkshire (1906).
Brittannic House Bank.
Finsbury Circus in London (1926-1929).
Midland Bank building.
Gladstone Hall in Yorkshire, built according to the English tradition.
Middleton Park Oxfshire, built according to the English tradition.
Government Buildings in New Delhi (1930).
Cenotaaph in Whitehall, War Memorial of the First World War.

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