Clemens Klotz (1886-1969) Architect

Clemens Klotz was a German architect.
NS Ordenburg Vogelsang
He first realized many homes in his hometown Cologne.
When the Nazi Party came to power in 1933, Clements Klotz was recorded, in the circle of 'Vertrauensarchitekten of DAF. He created large projects that served for the martial arts.

Main achievements
House Regierungsrat Dr. Rhein Dorff, Köln-Marienburg (1922)
Heckmann house in Cologne-Marienburg (1923).
Director Property Farbwerke Hosfelt in Cologne-Braunsfeld (1923).
House Sauerwald house in Cologne-Lindenthal, along with Fielth (1924-1925).
Klotz house in Cologne-Marienburg (1925).
Youth for the Catholic Church Community St. Anna in Cologne-Ehrenfeld (1925)
Youth for the Catholic Church Community St. Joseph in Cologne-Braunsfeld (1925-1926).
Hochpfortenhaus in Cologne together with Fieth (1930).
NS Ordensburg Vogelsang in Bauabschnitt (1933-1935) (military barracks).
NS Ordensburg Crössinsee in Bauabschnitt (1934-1936) (military barracks).
KdF-Seebad Prora Hotel in Rügen (1935-1939).
Residential and retail Neumarkt in Cologne (1952).

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