Nils Einar Eriksson (1899-1978) architect

Nils Einar Eriksson was a Swedish architect who has become famous for the realization of the concert in Gothenburg in 1935. This concert is in an area outside the city with a mountainside background. In this assignment there was a good space to be created where music can be made in a fine manner. The entire plan is governed by the concert hall and has shaped the building, all the then known knowledge in this field acoustics has been processed in the this concert hall. This way the music comes into its own.

Main achievements
Concert in Gothenburg (1935).
City Hall in Saffle.
Götaälvbron in Gothenburg.
Guldhendens Vattentorn in Gothenburg (1953).
Thulehuset in Östra Hamngatan / Norra Hamngatan in Gothenburg (1937).
Centrumhuset in Östra Hamngatan in Gothenburg (1938).
Svenska Mässan in Gothenburg (1939).
Park Avenue Hotel in Gothenburg (1950).
Biographers Dragons in Gothenburg (1956).
Dansrestaurang Vågen of Järntorget in Gothenburg (1956).
Höghusen på Föreningsgatan 4 & 8: a in Gothenburg (1959).
Kungsgatan 20-22 in Gothenburg (1965).
Folksamhuset of Skanstull in Stockholm (1959-1960).
Tidens hus, Sveavägen 68, med Sten West Holm in Stockholm (1929).
Sollidenscenen på Skansen in Stockholm (1938).
Skandiahuset vid Sveavägen 20 in Stockholm (1967).

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