Kay Otto Fisker (1893-1965) architect

Kay Fisker was a Danish architect. He designed many railway stations and all are inspired by the local construction methods. His buildings are generally fit quite naturally into the surrounding landscape. For the University of Aarhus are many big bricks and yellow tiles used. The yellow tiles were manufactured specifically for this building. The adjacent municipal hospital is constructed of red walls and has a roof with red tiles. All roofs of these buildings have strangely enough all the same slope.

Main achievements
Railway stations on the island of Bornholm, togheter with Aage Rafn (1916).
Hombeckhus, a huge building in Copenhagen, built around a courtyard. (1923).
Summerhouse in Hell Bach (1926).
Hunting groves in Buy Haben, along with Christian Holst (1927).
University of Aarhus, along with Christian Frederik Møller and Pool Stegmann (1932).
Municipal Hospital in Aarhus (1932).
Venstersøhns in Copenhagen (1935-1939), the street side has many balconies and bay windows, the rhythmic division of the design give's it some rest.

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