Ferdinand Fellner der Jüngere (1847-1916) Architect

Ferdinand Fellner was an Austrian architect. He was best known in the field of theater construction. In his early career his style was typified by the use of the Italian Renaissance. Later he switched gradually over to Baroque and Rocco. Not only in Austria but also outside Austria there are many theaters designed by Ferdinand Fellner and Herman Helmer. Ferdinand Fellner also designed houses in Vienna and Budapest.

Main achiefments
The Observatory in Vienna (1874-1878).
German Volkstheater (1873-1893).
Warehouse Thonet (1884).
Wiener Stadttheater (1884).
Margaretenhof (1885).
Freistädtische Royal Theatre in Bratislava (1886).
Ravensburg Concert Hall (1896).
Theatre in Hamburg (1900).
Façade of the Theater an der Wien (1902).
Wiener Concert Hall (1913).
Hessian State Theatre Wiesbaden (1894).
City Theater Bernhof in Berndorf, Niederösterreich (Lower Austria).
National Theatre Ivan Wasow in Sofia, Bulgaria.
Odessa Opera Hall (1887).

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