Willem Marinus Dudok (1884-1974) Architect

Willem Marinus Dudok was a Dutch contemporary architect. A striking figure, because in his time he designed a distinctive architectural style. So he throw high eyes among all the living master builders and architects at that time period. His plan were always sleek designs. He used light colors and materials that he knew to refine in his desings. Besides architect, William was also planning and director of the Public Works Department in Hilversum. He also designed the Hilversum Town Hall. However, he never enjoyed an architectural training.

Main realizations
Town Hall in Hilversum (1928-1930)
A number of schools in Hilversum
Stadsschouwburg at Utrecht (1939-1940)
Bijenkorf in Rotterdam (1939-1940), partially destroyed during the Second World War.
Building for the Netherlands in 1845 in Arnhem (1938-1939)
Building for the Netherlands in 1845 in Rotterdam (1938-1939)
Crematorium at Westerveld (1925)
Headquarters for the Hoogovens at Velzen (1925)
Houses in Eindhoven
Dutch Pavilion at the Cité Universitaire in Paris
Design reconstruction plan of Hague

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