Victor Bourgeois (1897-1962) architect

Victor Bourgeois was a Belgian architect and was professor at the National Higher School of Architecture La Cambre in Brussels and at the University of Paul Pasteur in Charleroi. He was a member of the Free Academy of Belgium, Vice-Chairman of the CIAM (Congrès Internationaux Archtectes Modernistes) (1928 to 1940), architect of the Belgian Government for Trade in Brussels in 1935 and New York in 1939, Member of the Supreme Council for Urbanism and Health, a member of the Technical Council of the National Society of cheap Houses (1938-1940). And like this was not enough, he was also active as leader of the magazines 'Au Volant ' (1919), 'Le Geste' (1920),'7 Arts' (1922-1928, 1948) and 'Bruxelles' (1932-1933).

Main works
Cite Moderne in St. Agatha (1922)
A house along the Weissenhofsiedlung in Stuttgart
Garden Districts in Frameries, Montigny-sur-Sambre, Kessel-Loen, Mont-sur-Marchienne; Technical School of Hainaut for female students in St. Guislain, the Postal Cheque Office in Brussels, the youth of the district in Marcinelle, Hospital St. Camille in Namur, Town House in Jurnet.

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