Peter Behrens (1868) Architect

This was a German architect and one of the innovators of architecture and carried out pioneering the new, aspiring to objectivity direction. He was particularly active in the field of commercial construction. So many factories were designed by him. As his most famous achievement is a commercial building for AEG in Berlin, in 1910 he designed along with Ludwig Mies van der Rohe. And for Höchst a / M. In 1923 he designed a very important building.

Other buildings designed by Peter Behrens
Crematorium in Delstern (1907)
A building for the German legation in St. Petersburg (1912)
Exhibition Building in Bern (1916)
Office buildings

He was also involved, as a designer, with the distribution of utensils needed to be done. He even designed a business clock for A.E.G. called the Behrens-Watch.

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