Martin Borg (1852-1937) Architect

Martin Borg was a Danish Architect especially the large closed form of his works were eyecatchers. For a bank building in Copenhagen his designs where not put to work because this design was too easy. But Andrew's Church in Copenhagen his pronounced form was transformed into a workable design. The design sculpture and other decorations were kept away to ensure that this would not affect the form. There are surprisingly a lot of facades, roofs and turrets, but they are almost equal of shapes and dimensions. The roofs are all one and the same slope. The tower consists of a closed form which show a slight swelling. This is also sothe same in the steeple. As a material Martin Borg used the same brick for inside and outside the building. He exerted a major influence on the younger Danish architects.

Main work
Andrew's Church in Copenhagen (1898-1901).

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