John Fake Berghoef (1903-1994) building engineer

John Fake Berghoef is a Dutch engineer. Since 1947, he was also a professor at the Aalsmeer. He was particularly active in his hometown Aalsmeer. Along with JM Vegter he won the prize for the competition of the Amsterdam Town Hall in 1939.

Auction building Old Auction in Aalsmeer (1931)
The Church of Aalsmeer (1936)
Amsterdam Town Hall (1939)
Houses in Aalsmeer (1931-1939)
Houses in Wierngermeer (1931-1932)
Houses in Amsterdam
Houses on the Westeinderplas (after the war)
Property Complex Amstelhof in Amsterdam (1952)
Church of Westkapelle
Council House in Hengelo (1949)

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