Johannes Hendrik Willem Leliman (1878-1921) Architect and Building Engineering

Johannes Hendrik Willem Leliman was a Dutch architect. He went to school at the Poly-Technical School in Delft. After graduating he obtained the title as building engineer. Beside building houses, villas and ordinary housing, he was also editor of the Construction World and author of several books about houses and homes in the Netherlands. He also edited Gugel's History of Architectural Styles. He was also a board member at the Association of the Delft engineers, the craftschool and the ANWB. John was also co-founder of the Institute of Architecture and the Federal Heemschut.

Important works
ANWB mushroom.
North South Holland Coffee Shop (1911).
Domestic science in Amsterdam (1907).
Israeli Children's Hospital in Zandvoort (1912).
Numerous villas in places like Bussum, Laren, Houses Hilversum, Blaricium and Ulft.
Social housing in Amsterdam, especially in the Vogelbuurt, Meeuwenlaan Hawk Hitting, Leeuwerikstraat, Koekoeksplein, Fazantenweg and Wielewaalstraat.

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