Johannes Andreas Brinkman (1902-1949) building engineer

John Brinkman was a Dutch engineer. Along with LC van der Vlugt, he built many homes in and around Rotterdam. Thus, the Van Nelle factory in Rotterdam is one of their showpieces. This building is an example of functional building with a concrete frame and a the mushroom-system for the columns and floors. There was also used a lot of glass. After passing over of Van der Vlugt, he teamed up with Van den Broek in the office 'Brinkman and Van den Broek. Many works in the field of residential and non-residential building where established under his cooperation.

Known realizations
Van Nelle factory in Rotterdam (1925-1929)
Granary NV Granary Me in Rotterdam (1929-1930)
Feyenoord Stadium (1935-1936)
B of Theos. Ver. Tolstraat in Amsterdam (1926-1927)
Ypenburg Airfield.

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