Hendrik P. Berlage (1865-1934) architect

Hendrik Berlage was a Dutch architect with an international reputation. He created original architectural styles, this way he acquired his celebrity. He had his own vision of how renovation of architecture needed to be done. He wrote everything down and then published a number of books.

He influenced many architects, especially by top project for the Exhibition in Amsterdam (1898-1903). He was also working on decorative arts including furniture and paneling. And because he was so passionate about spaces and how to fill out he did the urban expansion of Amsterdam South, that of The Hague and Utrecht.

Most famous buildings
Exchange in Amsterdam (1898 - 1903).
Model Ranch Schipborg Zuidlaren (1914).
The hunting lodge of St. Hubert in the Hoge Veluwe.
Me the Netherlands in The Hague (1925).
Christian Science Church in The Hague (1925).
The Gemeentemuseum in The Hague.

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